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Portadown Boat Club Marascull 2018

The 2018 Portadown Boat Club Marascull takes place on Saturday 20th October with the briefing starting at 11am and launching soon after that with the race starting at 12noon.   The 16k course is along the River Bann from Bann Foot to Portadown Boat Club.

Portadown Boat Club is in the enviable position of having a great expanse of waterway to hold this unique event.  The Club holds two large events every year – the Marascull in October at the start of the Head season and their renowned Regatta in May.

PBC Marascull 2018 #22 PBC Marascull 2018 #23PBC Marascull 2018 #12

Starting Line Up

Marascull 2018 Start Lineup

Marascull 2018 Start Lineup

Skill, Endurance and Determination

It is a test of the competitor’s skill, endurance and determination to complete this challenging 16k course which starts from Bann Foot at the edge of Lough Neagh along the meandering River Bann to Portadown Boat Club.

To keep competitors fuelled for the event, Irwin’s Nutty Krust hot toast with dripping butter will be provided at the start.  A light lunch of soup and fresh Irwin’s rolls will be served at Portadown Boat Club at the end of the event along with the important medal ceremony.  However, this really is an event were everyone who completes the course is a winner.

Portadown Boat Club Captain said:

“I would like to thank everyone who gets involved in making the event a success, from the parents who get their children to the event, the other Clubs who support us by taking part and the Portadown Boat Club members who run the Marascull.”

Entries are invited from:

Open 1X, 2X, 4X. IV’s.
Junior 1X, 2X, 4X , IV’s. (15 to 18 years)                              

Masters 1X, 2X, 4X, IV’s.

The launch area is not big enough for Eights.  Rowers should be proficient and capable of completing the course.

Entry fees are £5 per competitor, excluding coxes.  Please pay our treasurer, Ted Dunlop, before launching on the day, cheques should be payable to Portadown Boat Club.

Closing date for entries is midnight on Monday 15th October 2018.   For all entries and queries regarding the Portadown Marascull please contact or

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Portadown Boat Club Marascull

PBC Marascull: BannFoot to Portadown

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